Identity World and World e-ID and Cybersecurity call for speakers

Identity World and World e-ID and Cybersecurity are currently calling for speakers.

Identity World – the conference of individual recognition for global development – will, this year, focus on citizen-centric identity and gender best practices. The keywords around which papers can be developed are:

  • Humanitarian
  • Development
  • Legal
  • Privacy and security
  • Financial inclusion
  • Gender equality
  • Access to health services
  • Social safety net
  • Improved governance
  • Civil registration and vital statistics
  • Foundational identity systems
  • Functional identity systems
  • Biographics and demographics
  • Biometrics
  • eDocuments
  • Channels/mobile phones
  • Storage and processing
  • Business and service models

Further information on the Identity World call for papers can be found here.

World e-ID and Cybersecurity brings together security professionals from government and private sector to explore and discuss how to improve secure identification and data protection for all. This year’s edition will focus on ID schemes and security documents (national ID rollouts, border control, e-passports, e-driving licences, e-health schemes, e-ID for e-gov services and identity management), digital identity and authentication (mobile and online IDs, strong authentication with biometrics, digital identity provision and infrastructures, IAM, identity and KYC, eIDAS and blockchain) and cybersecurity and trust models (standards and regulations in Europe and beyond, cooperation between governments, enterprise and IT,  critical infrastructures, 2018 General Data Protection regulation, digital identity of machines and objects).

Further information on the World e-ID and Cybersecurity call for papers can be found here.