On May 25th/26th, EKSISTENZ joined with the Porvoo Group for the EKSISTENZ Final Event, bringing together a wide range of speakers and topics with a focus on what comes next in relation to identity in this changing world. It was hosted by Agenzia per l’Italia Digitale (AgID). The agenda can be downloaded here and the official conference website can be found here.

The conference considered how the various initiatives can support the movement towards having more mature and valuable interoperable identity schemes. The programme was arranged by the Porvoo Group, and eForum representing the EKSISTENZ Project supported by EEMA.

A core focus of the Porvoo Group is keeping abreast of what the national representatives are doing in their own countries. There were, therefore, updates from a variety of countries including Estonia, Belgium and Finland. Additional insights were provided from outside the EU and there was also a focus on how this experience can best be shared with the developing world and also, how the existing networks can strengthen their cooperation.

In addition to updates on eIDAS, there were reports on the work of no fewer than six ongoing EU funded projects in the field:

  • LIGHTest

For more information, visit the conference website here.