Sister projects

  • City.Risks’s main objective is to increase the perception of security of citizens in urban areas by activating in a more transparent and sustainable way their participation in communities.
  • The aim of E-CRIME  is to identify and develop concrete measures to manage and deter cyber-crime through reconstruction of the spread and development of cyber-crime in non-information and communication technology sectors from the perspective of its economic impact on the key fabrics and different levels of European society.
  • FIDELITY aims to, one, strengthen trust and confidence of stakeholders and citizens in ePassports, two, provide more reliable ID checks and thus hinder criminal movements and, three, ease implementation of E/E records in order to facilitate better analysis of migration flows.
  • The FUTUREID project is building a comprehensive, flexible and intuitive identity management infrastructure for Europe. By integrating existing eID technology, trust infrastructures and emerging federated identity management services alongside modern credential technologies, the FUTUREID project creates a user-centric system for the trustworthy and accountable management of identity claims.
  • The ORIGINS project is working to improve the security of the application process and issuance of ePassports by further securitizing breeder documents.
  • PIDaaS is aiming to create a secure authentication system, based on biometric recognition technology through mobile devices.
  • PRIPARE is PReparing Industry to Privacy-by-design by supporting its Application in REsearch.
  • SECURED is aiming to design and prototype a trusted and secure execution environment to permit different users to execute their preferred security applications.
  • STORK 2.0 is busy establishing a European eID interoperability platform.