Advisory board

The advisory board offers expert advice on specific RTD-related issues. The first meeting of the advisory board will be held one year from the beginning of the project. The advisory board is currently made up of the following members (the list is set to expand):

Mr. J. Darwish Interpol
Mr. C. Naudin University of Paris II
Mr. J-P. Alaterre French Ministry of Interior
Mr. O. de la Cruz Spanish Guardia Civil
Mr. F. Mattatia CDC
Mr. A. Delaforge Natural Security
Mr. R. Harmsma Dutch Royal Marechaussee
Mrs. M. Nuadi Airbus Cyber Security SAS
Mr. J. de Varax GIE Sesame Vitale
Mrs A. Chirouze Fia-Net
Mr. P. Lahbabi BNP Paribas


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