Privacy, ethical and society studies (WP9)

The objective of WP9 is to examine the societal and ethical aspects of identity theft and to advise the EKSISTENZ technology WPs during their development of tools to secure citizen identity.

Both T9.1 (analysis of the common use patterns of ID documents) and T9.2 (analysis of the societal acceptability of EKSISTENZ) have benefited from interaction with the general public. IBS prepared and carried out a combined survey questionnaire which has informed T9.1 and T9.2.

450-500 fully completed survey questionnaires were collected from 16-65 year-old respondents from each of the six member states covered (AT, DE, ES, FR, IT, UK), and, for comparative purposes, also from the United States. Thereby, a unique new data set has been created that allows the analysis of ID use patterns, ID theft and the views of the general public on the novel forms of establishing and checking identity. Emerging from this data is that 25-35% of the population of the above-listed countries has personally experienced ID theft in the last 36 months.

T9.2, which analyses societal acceptability of EKSISTENZ, started earlier than planned. D9.2 focuses on societal risks deriving from identity theft. It was finalised one month early.

T9.3 studies societal, ethical and legal aspects concerning the EKSISTENZ platform in light of the existing as well as the forthcoming European Data Protection Law (Draft General Data Protection Regulation). More specifically, T9.3 analyses privacy and data protection requirements of the EKSISTENZ-specific aspects of processing and storing biometric data. D9.3 was finalised in M20.