The EKSISTENZ project includes the following nine work packages:

Work package figure

Work package 1 (management) will oversee the EKSISTENZ project.

Work package 2 (inventory of identity and identity theft scenarios in Europe) will, one, clarify current European identity management and, two, identify the most effective current practices.

Work package 3 (threat assessment and economical aspects) will consolidate the results of various studies in order to evaluate the various impacts of identity theft.

The core technology element of EKSISTENZ concerns itself with research and development relating to technology aiming to harmonize and securitize eID. Ultimately, EKSISTENZ will propose novel technologies which are backward compatible with existing technologies and which build upon already explored eID solutions such as STORK/STORK 2.0. The core technology aspect of EKSISTENZ is composed of work package 4 and work package 5. Work package 4 (secure identity for all EU citizens) will focus on primary identity and work package 5 (trusted “identity-as-a-service”) will focus on secondary identity.

Work package 6 (security, privacy and usability evaluation of EKSISTENZ) will develop clear metrics in order to measure/demonstrate EKSISTENZ-driven developments.

Work package 7 (legal study towards a secure citizen ID in the EU) will ensure EKSISTENZ-driven developments comply with regulation.

Work package 8 (dissemination, standardization, cooperation and prospective study) will communicate EKSISTENZ and facilitate an EKSISTENZ community of practice.

Finally, work package 9 (privacy, ethical and societal studies) will advise a number of the above work packages on data protection.