Communities of practice

EKSISTENZ encourages you to join EKSISTENZ’s communities of practice.

A community of practice is a group of people who together prepare implementation of a solution in a common area.

EKSISTENZ’s communities of practice – whose participants together represent multiple European Union member states and multiple disciplinary fields and whose agenda is focused by the existence of tangible deliverables – will meet on a regular basis in order to facilitate learning, exchange, development and, crucially, co-production. EKSISTENZ’s communities of practice meetings are ordinarily organized around a work package task. Present at each/the majority of EKSISTENZ’s communities of practice meetings are a power sponsor (a public institution), a moderator (the work package task expert), a chairman (customarily a further work package task expert), a rapporteur (an academic tasked with documenting) and, of course, the participants (recruited from within stakeholder organizations such as private and public sector bodies, universities and research clusters). Targeted participants include:

  • STORK 2.0
  • Epsos
  • World e-ID Summit
  • ISO/SC17
  • ISO/SC37
  • eSENS
  • EuroCities
  • SmartCities
  • And EEMA

To register contact EKSISTENZ head of dissemination Shaun Topham:

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Log in and then click here for communities of practice meeting minutes and communities of practice presentations and documents.

Finally, click here and be forwarded to the EKSISTENZ-driven European Observatory on Identity Theft website. All EKSISTENZ communities of practice will operate under the banner of the European Observatory on Identity Theft.